Old Garage Doors – Unsightly and Unsafe

Sudden door fall through spring failure

The entire weight of the garage door is held by its springs or hinges when it is in operation. Doors can weigh over a hundred kilos and if a spring is worn or broken, a door can fail. The door may suddenly slam shut. It may destroy your car but much worse, it may severely injure you or someone in your family.

Springs and hinges don’t last for ever, so you need to examine them regularly for signs of wear and tear, and call in the experts if you suspect the spring is no longer capable of holding the garage door safely and reliably.

Reduced security for your home

Older garage doors may become loose, and will certainly not look as tightly fitted as a new door. These tell-tale signs may advertise to thieves that you have poor security because they know that a loosely fitting door is much easier to open with a tool such as a crowbar.

The solution to this is door replacement with a better-fitting and more secure modern door.

Rust reducing the strength of door fittings

Another cause of poor safety and security in garage doors is rust in the springs and fittings. Unless the door has been lubricated regularly, the metal in these systems will have been under attack by air and water.

This alone will reduce the life of the garage door and as with a badly fitting door, rusty fitments will advertise to a thief that access can be gained easily. If rust is already present, the best alternative is to replace the door and get new fittings, then lubricate them regularly.

Older door openers may be subject to interference

Obviously, if you have an older automatic garage door, the door opener will have been programmed to a particular radio frequency a long time ago. Since then, all kinds of devices, including newer door openers, have come onto the market. Some owners in the UK have found that a neighbour’s newer device has opened their own garage door.

One man even found a TV remote interfered with the door.

Needless to say, this could be dangerous if someone is standing near the door.

More modern door opening devices will be less likely to be subject to interference, as manufacturers have become aware of possible problems.

It’s not worth taking the risk of these hazards becoming actual accidents. The best advice is to take a good look at your garage door if it has been in place for some time. Check the fittings, springs and metal work carefull

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Why You Should Install High-Speed Doors in Your Commercial Building

These are some of the key benefits of high speed doors:

  • They offer excellent access control and security thanks to their fast operation. They can be used as part of a wider access control system, or they can open and close automatically depending on access requirements and whether the door is internal or external.
  • Improved efficiency. Fast opening allows for the swift passage of traffic while at the same time managing the flow and giving a greater degree of control. The time saved by using faster opening doors when moving around a building will really add up, making a noticeable difference.
  • Excellent thermal performance. These type of doors help to save energy by reducing heat loss – they are open for less time so will better maintain the internal temperature. They can also be used in refrigerated areas to compartmentalise them and maintain the temperature as required. When correctly installed, high speed doors will be fully sealed to minimise heat loss when closed.

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  • Vermin and dust control. These doors can improve airflow and prevent the passage of dust and other debris into areas where there may be sensitive production processes, or where machinery needs to operate in a clean and safe environment. This also improves the air quality for people who are entering the building. Thanks to their high speed operation, these doors can also provide effective pest control.
  • Internal and external applications. They can be used flexibly in a range of environments. They can be made to suit internal applications, as well as being robust enough for external use.
  • High speed doors from quality manufacturers are very safe to use and easy to maintain. They can also become a core part of safe working operations, creating a safety barrier between hazardous areas and other parts of a building.

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How automatic doors help reduce your building carbon footprint

Reduce your Carbon footprint with LPS Doors

One of the key takeaways from COP26 was to secure net-zero by 2050 to stop the rising global temperatures. Global warming contributes to extreme weather conditions; not only do the rising temperatures cause drought, forest fires and rising sea levels, but the increased water vapour in the atmosphere can lead to flooding and destruction due to more frequent heavy rain and intensified hurricanes.

You can do your part in helping to tackle the climate crisis by taking simple measures to reduce your carbon footprint and the impact you are having on the environment.

A carbon footprint is the environmental measure of the total greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organisation, person or product. Emissions from the operation of buildings recently hit their highest ever level with the building sector accounting for 38% of all energy-related CO² emissions.

For many companies, energy consumption is the main contributor to their overall carbon footprint, including heating, cooling, lighting, and operating equipment.

The more efficient companies are in their energy use, the greater the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.

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How can automatic high speed doors reduce CO² emissions?

Door solutions play an integral role in the energy efficiency and environmental impact of a building. Heating and cooling systems are the highest producers of energy-related CO² emissions in a building. When a door is left open, heating and cooling systems work overtime to maintain internal temperatures at comfortable levels. However, it is not practical to keep an entrance closed all day for many businesses.

Due to the fast open-close operation of high-speed automatic doors, not only do they safely allow a steady flow of traffic, but they also reduce energy consumption.

An efficient, well-insulated and low-maintenance high-speed automatic door application can reduce CO² by reducing draughts, maintaining internal temperatures, and optimising traffic flow. They can also significantly reduce energy costs and create more comfortable working conditions.

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