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Roller Garage Door Prices starting at £1190.00.

We stand as a leading UK manufacturer of roller garage doors, providing competitive solutions.

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Electric garage doors are an incredibly convenient alternative to a standard manual garage door and are more affordable than ever.

Whether you just want to avoid getting out of your car to open the garage when it’s raining, or you want to remove the physical exertion of opening a heavy door, remote controlled garage doors are the perfect solution. What’s more, electric garage doors remove the need for an external lock, which can improve security by taking away an obvious target point for criminals.

LPS Shutter Doors offers customers across the UK a fantastic range of automatic garage doors, all from the biggest and best manufacturers.

Any type of door that we offer – from a steel roller door to a timber side-hinged door – can be automated for your utmost convenience.

With sectional garage doors from LPS Shutter doors you can benefit from our 20 years of experience and expert skills, guaranteeing that the products we manufacture and install are all of the highest quality.

If you find yourself with a regular incoming and outgoing of vehicles then secure sectional garage doors are ideal.

Benefits of garage doors

With a brand new, automatic garage door, you can reap the following rewards:

  • Improved security for your garage
  • Easy access to your garage for you and your family
  • Smooth, quiet opening and closing

Whichever door you choose, our expert fitters can carry out a professional garage door installation service for you.

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Residential automatic gate repairs & maintenance

Automatic gate repair and maintenance of all machines is important so that an extended life may be gained and powered gates are no exception.

Regular servicing, testing and scheduled electric gate maintenance are backed up with a comprehensive administration platform, keeping all owners up-to-date.

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