Fire Curtains

Protecting all means of escape

From smoke curtains for large atria to domestic fire curtains that facilitate open plan designs, we’ve developed an extensive range of fire curtains and smoke curtains to work with every building sector and application to provide designers with bespoke solutions for every fire protection problem.

Our commitment to life safety has led us to provide a wide range of fire and smoke curtains approved to protect every type of building application. From Atria and lobbies to escalators and doors, no matter what the application you’re protecting, our fire and smoke curtains provide a modern, non- invasive alternative to traditional fire protection.

Committed to advancing fire and smoke curtain technology, every LPS smoke or fire curtain is Third Party Accredited to ensure compliance with fire regulations.

Using traditional fire protection equipment to protecting buildings from the spread of fire can be limiting and financially costly.

At LPS, we provide a range of fire barrier curtains that provide architects and engineers with an approved alternative to fire shutters, fire-rated glazing and firewalls whilst protecting windows from channelling fire.

Keeping you and your staff safe

At LPS, we’ve provide a range of fire barrier curtain approved to protect a means of escape. Removing traditional fire protection equipment such as non-loadbearing walls and doors to realise modern open plan environments can mean that your building fails to comply with fire regulations.

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