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Roller shutter doors are an age-old means of managing an opening. High speed versions of roller shutter are becoming increasingly popular. LPS Shutter Doors offers a range of competitively priced high speed options that can be used in a diverse range of settings where a simple automated door is required.

Like all roller shutter doors, the high speed, fast roller doors consist of many individual steel or aluminium horizontal slats and are operated by rolling the slats around a barrel, directly up or down with the help of either a spring or electric motor, or both. A high speed roller shutter door is particularly suited to busy doorways where temperature control and security is of vital importance.

Our technicians and engineers can visit your site to assess your needs and discuss your budget, before talking you through our processes and offering a quotation so you can decide which option you would best like to proceed with.

Our doors offer a self-repairing rollup door designed to reach different kinds of applications, both internal and external, allowing the traffic flows and assuring high safety.

Thanks to the special sliding system, that lets the curtain, without rigid elements inside it, come out from the guides, to protect itself in case of any impact during the operation of the door and allows it to reinsert after one cycle.

Benefits of high speed doors

  • Cost effective
  • Stored neatly
  • Minimal room required
  • Enhanced security
  • Minimum maintenance
  • Easy repairs

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