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Cellar Doors Wisbech: Custom-Made Solutions to Prevent 'Cellar Falls' and Legal Hassles

Cellar Doors Wisbech are designed individually and manufactured in to combat “Cellar Falls” whilst an internal access hatch / trap door is left open.

This style of cellar door is a favourite with HEALTH AND SAFETY officers! Previous claims from “Cellar Falls” have incurred frighteningly large settlements which have run in to multi-million pound region and seen company owner(s) and director(s) held personally responsible for legal action.

Each doorset is custom made to your size and shape and can be fitted in about an hour before trading to minimize disruption.

The steel self opening top door opens to a vertical position against a restraint chain when a tee handle is inserted and turned.

This reveals a bright yellow safety grille door immediately below, which safeguards the opening when ever the top door is left open. This safety grille is strong enough to stand and walk on.

Lifting and lowering the safety grille door is easy as it has an assisted lift system and a damped fall to avoid injuries. This system also has a delayed fall facility to help when carrying goods in to out of the cellar / basement. Once you have exited the cellar and the grille has returned to its horizontal rest position all that is required is to close and latch the top door. This top door is designed to accept matching floor of the surrounding area.

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Choosing a cellar falls access door from LPS Doors is the smart decision for safety-conscious businesses. Our custom-made doorsets combat “Cellar Falls” by featuring a steel self-opening top door and a sturdy, walkable safety grille door below. These doors not only prevent accidents but also avoid the legal ramifications that can result from such incidents. With easy operation and a delayed fall system for convenience, our cellar access doors provide peace of mind and keep your business compliant with health and safety regulations. Trust LPS Doors for a solution that ensures safety and minimises disruption to your operations.

The benefits of our cellar access doors:

  • Dual Door System: The steel self-opening top door and robust safety grille door work in tandem to secure the cellar opening when the top door is left open.
  • Ease of Use: Assisted lift system and damped fall prevent injuries, making it safe and convenient to lift and lower the safety grille door.
  • Delayed Fall Facility: Ideal for transporting goods in and out of the cellar, this feature ensures smooth operation.
  • Seamless Integration: The top door is designed to accept a matching floor to blend seamlessly with the surrounding area

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At LPS we offer a variety of service and repair options for cellar hatch doors. We understand the importance of a fully working cellar and a faulty door can not only be an inconvenience but also a safety hazard.

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